Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Our Annual Father Daughter Ball

About a week and a half ago we had our 13th Annual Father Daughter Ball.  Typically we have a Snow Ball in January, but this year, due to Lent starting later than normal, we had a Sweetheart Ball in February...and almost had to cancel it due to snow.  Oh well, we ended up going for it and the weather wasn't as bad as they had predicted.  Given that it was the dads that were doing the driving, they didn't let a little snow stand in the way of a great evening with their daughter(s).

We had about 150 people at this year's event.  Looks like we might have to find a bigger venue!  There were appetizers and "mixed" drinks (a variety of sodas and fruit juices), introductions of all of the families, a buffet dinner, a plethora of desserts, pictures and dancing.  All-in-all it was a great evening.

This year I decided to spice things up in the photo area and brought in some props to use.  It was a lot of fun for the girls and the dads!  I'll be quiet now and let the photos speak for themselves!

My family

Some fun with props


The Patroness of our homeschool group



My dh and Ms 15 yo

Our annual broom dance

Ms 21 yo, Ms 18 yo and a friend :)

Some of our fun-loving dads

God Bless!