Thursday, May 15, 2014

Learning With Star Wars


Mr 9 yo has always struggled with reading.  I have to say, though, that we've seen some great improvements this year and we're discovering more ways to help him get up to speed.  To that end, Ms 22 yo bought him some of these Star War Phonics books for Christmas and we've been reading through them over the past few weeks.

Mr 9 yo loves Star Wars, and like most boys his age, he has memorized every aspect of all of the movies.  Because of this, he has been very motivated to read these little books and has done a great job.

However, in addition to being a budding reader, he is also an extreme critic of the compilers of these books.  Every time we sit down to read them, I get one or more of the following:

1.  A dissertation on why the picture on any given page was the wrong one to use.

2.  A dissertation on how the pictures are not in the correct order, and/or disbelief that they could dare use pictures from different movies in the same book.

3.  Disgust at the fact that they have not represented someone or something in the correct way.

It amazes me that this kid can remember exactly what part of which movie a screen shot of Luke's face comes from, but he consistently mixes up his vowels.  Oh the complexity of the human mind!  It has been a fun exercise for both of us, but I think I learned more about Star Wars than he did about reading.  Well, at least now I know what direction to go in in order to motivate him to try!

God Bless!
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