Friday, July 25, 2014

7 Quick Takes about a boy, a girl and a homeschooling conference

I'm off with my load of books to the used book sale at the IHM conference this weekend.  I decided to weed through my books and get rid of books that are from the "early years" or books we haven't ever looked at.  I'm hoping to score some good books at the sale, too.  You know, now that I have room on my shelves.

This young man is always asking me if he can concoct something in the kitchen.  Problem is, he's never really sure what he wants to do.  Today's creation was milk and ice cream mixed with the hand blender.  I don't know, there's something about letting a 9 year old loose in my kitchen that is just hard for me to do!  This adventure, thankfully, was short and sweet and didn't taste that bad.

9 yo boy vs mosquito:  I think the mosquito won!  (we think it must have been in his bedroom because this is how he woke up!!)

A rare day at home for Ms 22 yo.  Crafting, coffee, Batman and ice cream - this girl has her priorities straight!

I have a plan for our upcoming school year and I'm excited about it.  The two high schoolers will be doing their high school stuff, but the two littlest (4th and 6th) will still be working with me.  I've come up with a looping schedule for some subjects and I'll detail it out for y'all in the coming weeks.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, "Math, you are the bane of my existence!"  I'm off to the conference to check out Teaching Textbooks - Algebra for the two in high school.  Ms 15 yo doesn't do well with Fred and Mr 13 yo did Beginning Algebra but isn't quite ready to move on so I'm hoping this program will work for the both of them.  If anyone would like to let me know what they think of TT (good or bad) that would be great!

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous.  The temps are perfect, the humidity is non-existent (if that's possible!) and it really does energize me!  Here's to a beautiful summer after such a long and trying winter.  Have a great weekend everyone.  Hope there's sunshine where you are.

God Bless! 
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