Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Youthful Bonfire

A few weeks ago, Ms 18 yo, my first social butterfly, decided she wanted to throw a summer bonfire party (apple doesn't fall far from the tree, no siree).  Unfortunately for her, she ended up picking the hottest and most humid day of the year thus-far.  Oh well, it didn't seem to deter the guests and I could go inside where the a/c was keeping things much more reasonable, so it seems things were good all around.

 While there isn't a raging fire at this point, I'd like to point out the mutli-tasking effort put on by our couches.  These were two of the couches that had recently gotten ousted from our home and had been in the garage awaiting their final destination - either the end of the driveway with a big FREE sign on them, in the burn pile (not my first choice) or crushed by my hubby and his skid-loader and put in a dumpster.

When we were planning the logistics of this event, Ms 18 yo and I had a revelation:  Why not take our couches-in-waiting and put them on the driveway for bonfire seating??!!  What a great idea, and everyone seems to agree!

So the merriment is still going on as I type...no telling when it will end.  My eyes will droop, but a good mother waits till all the guests are gone before going to bed, doesn't she?  I guess my fear is that I'll get in my jammies and fall asleep and then someone will need something.  Oh well, here's one last photo of the fire to send you on your way. 

Have a good night :) 

Update:  They put the couches back in the garage, got all the food put away, the last people got in their cars and within five minutes (about midnight) the skies let loose and the rain came down!

God Bless!