Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Rosaries and Holy Cards and Mess, Oh My!

Ms 15 yo and I have been putting the finishing touches on "the room" when I came upon this mess and felt it was time that I at least TRY to deal with it:

That is our tangle of rosaries and they have been jumbling around in that basket for the past 10 years or so.  For years I've dreamed of some hanging kind of thing somewhere in the house to keep them organized.  That never happened; it was just easier to untangle them once or twice a year and carry the basket from room to room.  Now we live in a house where we can't put nails in the walls because of the plaster so I'm out of luck for anything hanging.

Then we encountered this:

 Holy cards galore; stuffed in this small, heart shaped glass thing.  Really?  Why did I ever think that rectangular cards would fit easily into a heart shaped container?  

Not knowing what to do, I put out a plea on facebook to a mom's group I'm part of.  Most of the rosary solutions involved hanging something, so I'm still out of luck there, but I did go out today and find a nice small basket that goes with the decor to put all those holy cards in.  Much nicer!

We tidied up the family altar a bit

 Bought some new pillows

and found a nice basket for ALL of the piano music we have.  Unfortunately out of 7 kids, only 2 can play, so based on the amount of music we have in this house, I told the 2 girls that I want to hear A LOT more playing going on.

I pretty happy with how this room turned out and we had so much fun doing it.  We finished repainting a desk (more on that tomorrow) and now I think we can retire our paint brushes for the time being and focus on tidying up last year's school work and planning for the coming year.  Ugh, really?  Yep, I guess it's that time.

If you have any ideas for all those rosaries that don't involve hanging anything, I'd love to hear them!

Also, there's only TWO more days left to buy "A Plan for Joy In the Home" at the sale price :)

God Bless!