Tuesday, July 1, 2014

And the Furniture is in....But,

We had quite a night last night.  My hubby got home and we raced against the approaching storms to get all of our furniture from the trailer, where it has been patiently waiting since Thursday of last week, and into the house.  But that's still a story for another day.

Instead, let's focus on the rest of the evening, shall we?

We finished up just in time for the first storms to roll through.  Nothing major, but still we would have gotten quite soaked.  We ate dinner, prayed our rosary and then hubby announced that he was absolutely exhausted and was going to go to bed.  This is fine, except it meant we were on our own to get to Adoration and back.  Which is also fine, usually, except that there were more storms coming our way.  I hate driving at night in storms.

I told him I didn't mind him getting sleep as long as it didn't storm until we got back after 10:00.  Well, I'm pretty sure you can guess what happened.

We were sitting there at the monastery in Adoration and at about 9:50 we heard the wind hit the side of the building, followed by the deluge of rain.  Within minutes the lights were out.  Thankfully there were enough candles.  It was about this time that Ms 11 yo flipped out.  While I was trying to get her calmed down, one of the sisters came in and told us it was okay to stay since there were tornadoes in the area.  Well, you don't mention tornadoes out loud when you have a child flipping out because that only makes her worse.  The funny thing was, sister didn't just do it once, but came back two more times to tell us about the tornadoes, each time sending Ms 11 yo into another frenzy.

What could you do but laugh, and then prayer the Prayer Against Storms again?

They brought us blankets and candles and we waited out the worst of it.  When it was down to a more mild wind and rain event, we made a run for it and made it home just fine.

Only to find out, of course, that my husband hadn't been asleep and was on the phone with family discussing power outages and generator issues.

After getting the youngest two to bed, we started tracking the storm to see if Mr 13 yo and his friends at camp were in the path.  Turns out we got an email from them saying they moved to a shelter about 1:30 am and were just going to stay there for the night.  We haven't heard anything else, so hopefully the tents survived and everyone is okay.  I'd love to check up on him, but I get the feeling you don't just "check up" on your 13 year old son :)

So tomorrow.  Tomorrow there will be pictures of new furniture and exciting things inspired by "The Nesting Place".  Unless, of course, something else happens.

God Bless!

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