Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Knowing When To Speak

I came across a gem of a meditation in my "In Conversation with God" book the other day and I thought I would share it with you. The topic is on knowing when to speak. The author talks about the silence of Christ during His earthly life and how it represents His interior strength and sense of purpose. He states that, "the silent figure of Christ is the ever-present Model to reproach empty or useless words."

I wonder what that means for the blogging world? Do we sometimes blog just to hear ourselves "speak"? How many posts are filled with empty or useless words? There seems to be the ever-present struggle to keep posting just so that you can keep producing more material so that your posts begin to appear higher up in search-engine searches so that more people find your blog and then your audience becomes more wide-spread. Sometimes I think, "If I don't post anything today, I'll loose whatever ground I've gained" when in reality that is probably not the case. If we have nothing but empty and useless words to say, should we bother putting them up for the "world" to see? I guess you'll have to keep checking back to see what I decide on that. Will my desire to hear myself talk win out over not posting anything worthwhile for a few days?????? I guess the person reading will be the judge of that.

Somewhat related to that vein of thought is the next quote that I will leave you with. The last phrase in this passage especially jumped out at me. I guess if I took it to heart, I would get rid of that Site Meter thingy at the bottom of my blog, wouldn't I???

"Those who complain continually about their misfortunes or their 'bad luck' should look to the example of Our Lord. Those who proclaim their problems to the four winds should consider the behavior of Christ. Those who feel compelled to explain and excuse their actions, who wait anxiously for praise or approval, should take note of Christ, who says nothing. We will imitate him when we learn to accept life's duties and worries without sterile complaints, when we confront our personal problems without dumping them in someone else's lap, when we face squarely the consequences of our actions, when we do our work for the glory of God without looking for earthly praise..." (Vol.4 p.274)

Good food for thought - silent thought, that is :)

God Bless!

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  1. Thank you so much for this post, Laura! I struggle with this and today it's very timely for me to read this. GOD BLESS YOU! Dolores H I'm going to look up the mediation.