Monday, August 4, 2008

Making Wonderful Music Together

I like homeschooling. I know that is easy to say right now because we aren't actually doing anything (formal, that is). What I mean is that one of the things that I like most about homeschooling is the way that it allows families to have more time to become cohesive, loving groups of people who enjoy doing things together. Now, I know what you are thinking: "I know non-homeschooling families who are cohesive, loving groups of people who enjoy doing things together!" Yes, that is true. You might also be thinking, "I know some homeschooling families who really don't do a whole lot together. They all still do their own thing!" Yes, that is also true. I think, however, that you are more likely to find homeschooling families doing lots of things together, and enjoying it. If nothing else, homeschooling allows you to have more time to be together and to do things together: have fun, work hard, enjoy each other and grow in virtues with the people that God has placed you closest to.

So, why all this about homeschooling families? Well, this past weekend we went to the concert at Daniel's Den put on by friends of ours, and what did we see? A bunch of homeschooling families singing together and enjoying each others' company. Here is part of the Laura's family singing a great song written by Laura about joy (one of my favorites of hers).

Here is most of Simonetta's family singing a Lithuanian song together.

And it is not too often that you will see someone singing on stage holding their son! Now that is family dedication!

And here is the whole group, everyone who performed that night, singing three songs together; from the youngest - aged 6 - to the oldest - aged ??????? (will anyone admit to being the oldest?)
Events like this always make me thank the Lord that we homeschool and that we have gotten to know such wonderful (and really talented) people. Thanks, guys, for the great time! Can't wait for your CD.

God Bless!