Wednesday, August 27, 2008

To Sleep or not to Sleep

It's only the third official day of school and I am already exhausted. Keeping up with a schedule, keeping up with what everyone is doing and keeping everyone on track is exhausting work! As I sat down to do my mid-day prayers at 4:00 today, I opened up my "In Conversation with God" book and today's meditation was entitled "Loving Our Daily Work"! God has such a sense of humor, doesn't He? Unfortunately at that moment I wasn't loving my daily work. I was wishing it would go away so I could go to sleep!

Sleep. It seems to be a topic I am hearing a lot about lately. More specifically, I keep getting involved in conversations about the end of sleep - that dreaded time in the morning when we have to wake up. It seems that quite a few moms that I have bumped into lately or read about in their blogs are having a hard time getting up early enough to get their day started at a reasonable time. It seems God created a lot of us moms to be night owls. I, myself, am one of them. Unfortunately I have given my night life up so that I can rise early and get my prayers in and myself ready before my kids get up.

For the record, I hate it! I would much rather stay up late and rise a little later. Unfortunately my day just does not go that well when I do that. The day goes along much better if I am up and dressed before my kids get up. Getting up early also means I have a better chance of getting to daily Mass!

I got to thinking that maybe the reason we moms feel the need to stay up later to get stuff done is because we are getting up too late and getting a late start to the day, which puts us behind and therefore causes things to not get done which should have gotten done, which means we have to stay up later to finish them! Hmmmm. I would test this theory out, but I am too tired, which means I would never stay awake long enough to see if I could get anything done:) What a vicious cycle! It would be much easier if we were just able to function and be pleasant on about five hours of sleep, don't you think????

God Bless!