Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our Snapping Turtle Visitor

We had an unexpected visitor crawl out of the corn field yesterday and join us on our driveway!
He looks a little worse for wear after his 500 ft. crawl from the farm field creek through the corn field to our house. As you can see, he is missing one eye and some of his claws !
We're not sure why he came to visit us. Maybe it was just to say hi, as you can see he was trying to do here :)
And here....After his long journey, we thought that maybe he would like a refreshing shower. Here he is enjoying a brief respite from the warm day.I took this picture when I jumped because he took a lunge at the stick my husband was waving in front of him. I was a good 12 feet away from him, but in my telephoto lense, I forgot about that distance since it looked like he was going to get me. Imagine the scream that went with this photo!Here he is leaving our home after his visit. I guess we just were not all that interesting after-all. Frankly, I'm glad we saw him go back into the corn. I would hate to be wondering where he was everytime we went outside without our shoes on!
I love when God sends these fun little surprises into our day.

God Bless!