Thursday, August 14, 2008

Unit Study Ideas

Since school is just around the corner (or is already here for some of you) I thought I would throw out a couple of unit study ideas that I have come across recently.

With the elections coming up this fall, we are spending the next couple of months learning about the founding of our country. We will be exploring the Declaration of Independence, the American Revolution and reading about some of the founding fathers of our country. Then we will spend some time looking into our government: the different branches and how they run (or at least how they are supposed to:) I found what looks to be a great unit study about elections by Amanda Bennett. Hopefully we will be able to watch some of the debates on TV and then follow the election results that night. That is about as planned out as I have it right now. We will be utilizing the library extensively as well as following Laura Berquist's recommendations for American Government for the high schoolers.

Other friends of ours who have some Mexican heritage are spending the next month or so doing a unit study on Mexico. I believe there are three families that have started this. The neat thing about their unit study is that they will be hosting a Cultural Heritage Day in September for any interested families so that we can all join in the fun. This sounds like a great idea if you have a group to do this with.

Another family is taking this idea of learning about other countries and turning it into a co-op where families will sign up for one of the six months available and will organize activities, songs, games and learning opportunities for the other families in the co-op about a country of their choice. What a great way to have fun and throw in some history, geography, religion, music, etc.

Just wanted to share some of these fun ideas with all of you. If you are looking for some way to spice up your year, unit studies are a great way to do that. It is even more enjoyable if you can do it in a group setting or share your ideas and learning with others.

God Bless!


  1. Great post, sounds like the kids are going to be getting a lot of good information; and, will be learning that it is fun to learn, which is something they can take with them into adulthood. I've seen so many children who after starting school come to the conclusion they don't like learning; I've seen many adults who after finishing school believe they don't need to continue to study.

    Linked to your post from Jeremiah Films' Homeschooling study ideas ... well actually the post was created because of your post.