Wednesday, October 15, 2008

10 Commandments for Christian Bloggers

I have been following Jamie's blog for awhile and about a week or so ago, she had her blog comments "hijacked" by some simply horrible anonymous commenters. The things they said to her were uncalled for and full of hatred. She has deleted the offending comments and the corresponding posts and for awhile had turned off all comments. Fortunately for her readers she has just reinstated them.

This whole ordeal really slapped me in the face. I am very fortunate because it has been awhile since I have seen hatred like that in full force. The comments came from people who do not like children and, unfortunately felt the need to make sure others felt their unhappiness. I commend her for having the courage to post again as I don't know if I would have been able to jump on the proverbial horse's back again so soon.

"Coincidentally", I found another post not long after that incident entitled the "10 Commandments for Christian Bloggers". I found that commandments number 5 and 6 apply to Jamie situation in particular. I personally try to follow the commandment about taking a sabbath from blogging, which is why - unless it is absolutely necessary - I do not post on Sundays. Not only do I need the break, but perhaps you guys need one from me, too :) Anyway, I think that if you blog or just read other peoples' blogs and comment on them, these commandments would be a good thing to keep in mind.

God Bless!


  1. Thank you Laura!

    Those Blogger Commandments are great!

    I don't post on Sundays...I don't think, but I do read. Great idea, great day to give up the computer completely. We could probably use a couple of those days, us bloggers, huh?

    Thank you for your support,you are a blessing.

  2. Glad you found our post helpful.
    Our new e-book, "Blogophobia Conquered," profiles the 5 most common types of blog commenters and gives tips about how to deal with them.

    We've named the 5 types:
    1. Fervent Fans
    2. Personal Promoters
    3. Happy Hecklers
    4. Deferential Dissenters
    5. Irrational Inciters

    Laura Christianson
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  3. Okay, so you and Lady Rose have completely guilted me into taking down my not-so-nice blogthing thingy..


    Oh and I linked to both you and Lady Rose regarding this, hope that is okay.