Monday, October 13, 2008

The Woes of a Potty-Training 3 year old

This past weekend we had a big party at our house. Having a big party at your house usually means that all of the residents of your household are busy with preparations all day long. Having everyone busy all day long means that your potty-training three year old has far more accidents than usual. By the FOURTH time that day I was a little frustrated, to say the least. It was at that time that my wonderful, caring son assured me that he would not pee in his pants anymore that day because he had run out. He was right. He fell asleep while we were still outside and slept all night without having an accident.

Today, he was out with his dad at our neighbor's house when he slipped and fell off of a railroad tie onto their concrete driveway, skinning his knee and elebow (as he pronounces it). He wasn't crying because of his wounds, however, he was crying because when he fell he must have bumped his stomach, thus pushing on his bladder and - you guessed it - he peed in his pants. My husband said he just kept crying, "I peed, I peed". Poor kid. It was then I remembered that potty training is not only stressful for us parents, but also for the little one who is trying so hard to be successful!

As a side note, when they got home and my husband changed him, he put a pair of jeans on him at which point my son started fussing again. Not because he didn't want jeans on, but because he felt his brown camo shirt didn't match his blue jeans. After my husband pointed out that he and my other son both had brown shirts and blue jeans on, my son, thus assured it was okay to match brown and blue, went happily on his way. And I thought I only had to deal with my girls and their clothing!

God Bless!

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  1. Laura Thanks for taking the time to post this story. It's wonderful!
    I also can't believe that little girl choked on a Mass! Dolores