Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall in the Midwest

What does fall look like outside your window? The other day my daughter asked me what fall picture I was going to use for my header. HMMM. I had forgotten about that, so I'm hoping to get out soon and take a nice picture of some pretty fall leaves. In the meantime, I thought I'd show you what fall looks outside to me right now.
Pretty soon they'll come and harvest this field of corn. Its always fun to watch the big combine coming straight for our house, especially when it is at night and the bright lights are shining in our family room window.

Other things we see around here at this time of the year are lots of beautifully colored mums. I love mum season. Too bad it is so short. Fall in the midwest also means:

-More deer running in front of your car because all of the crops are being harvested. We had three of them run in front of us early this morning on the way to mass.

-Lots of smoke from people who feel the need to burn every single leaf that hits the ground. Sorry, but my allergies cannot stand burning leaves.

-Pumpkin farms full of all kinds and sizes of brightly colored orange pumpkins.

-Civil War days at our favorite pumpkin farm. We're looking forward to that this weekend.

-The twice-yearly scramble to the basement to find clothing that will actually keep us warm!

-Mice running out from underneath things in the house when you least expect it.

-An influx of Asian beetles in every room of the house. Not sure how they all get in here.

I really like living where there is a change in seasons every couple of months. Each season has its positive points, but I think that fall is my favorite. I like the crisp air and the beautiful colors that God sends us. How blessed we are to have such wonderful variety! Hope fall is just as beautiful in your neck of the world as it is here in the midwest.

God Bless!

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