Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Our Little Way

Happy Feast of St. Therese! She is one of our family's favorite saints.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to put on another one of my workshops (entitled "A Plan For Joy in the Home - if you are interested, drop me an email!) for seven wonderful women. During the workshop, we spent a nice amount of time talking about how important prayer is in the life of a Catholic homeschooling mother. Oftentimes it is tempting to let other "things" get in the way of our daily prayers - the kids, their schooling, the household chores. In reality, those things will be accomplished in a more perfect way if we take the time each day to pray.

I was thinking about this when I ran across an email my friend sent me after the workshop. It contained this quote and I liked it so much I had to share it:

"Let us imagine the case of a young mother who is busy with the multiple cares of her children. She must not say, "Union with God is impossible for me." She is surrounded with tabernacles of the Real Presence. Her little ones are baptized? Yes! Then God is living in them."

She didn't say where the quote is from, but it is quite a wonderful image. I know that we are all temples of the Holy Spirit, but I never quite thought of my children as being tabernacles of the Real Presence. Hopefully I will remember this the next time one of them gets my blood pressure up :)

This even ties in with St. Therese who was the promoter of the "Little Way". As mothers, our sanctification can come by way of our little (and not so little) children. It is the small acts that we perform every day that will help us to become saints. It is through performing these small acts with love that we can make everything we do a prayer.

God Bless!

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  1. Here is the info on that quote from my friend:

    Laura, I'm pretty sure I found the quote in "How to Pray Always" by Raoul Pius, S.J. Sophia Press. It's a wonderful book!!!! I just finished it.

    God Bless!