Sunday, November 27, 2011

And So It Begins...

The ever changing front hall tree...I am grateful that Advent is here because I was really getting tired of all the fall decorations we had up.  For Advent we decided just to go with some simple pine cones and evergreen sprigs in our purple-covered basket.  Ms 15 yo cut out a paper advent wreath to fancy things up a bit and we will add a new flame each week.  

This day also marked the official start of the season known as "you may now begin to talk to me about Christmas lists".  Prior to today, I just can't deal with discussions about who wants what and what ideas I should give to whom.  As is our tradition on this first Sunday in Advent, the kids all pick their sibling grab bag name and make up their lists and we discuss any gift ideas we have for others.

This year will entail some creative shopping and many more homemade gifts.  I also like the idea of supporting small businesses, so whenever I can, I hope to buy things from others, like myself, who are trying run a small business.  If you like this idea, you can check out our Goat Milk Soap Shop for great Christmas gift ideas :)

As we do every year, we hope to make this a peaceful time of preparation.  I'm sure, however, that like all of the other years, it will be a time of frenzied preparation.  I just pray that I can maintain some semblance of peace within myself as we prepare for the coming of the Lord!