Friday, November 18, 2011

7 Quick Takes November 18, 2011

--- 1 ---

We originally saw this cartoon on someone's facebook post but I was able to find it again here.  Anyhow, Mr 6 yo absolutely fell in love with this and said that we should go on a campaign to protest stores that have their Christmas stuff out already. He told me that we should print this picture out, put it on a stake and pound it into the ground in front of their store.  (Well, he wasn't quite that articulate, but that is what I gathered from all his hand gestures and "boy" sounds :)  I think the Lord has big plans for this kid!
--- 2 ---

I am always impressed by homeschooling moms who can do things I can't do.  One of my favorites is Lacy over at Catholic Icing.  She is so crafty and, well,  I am not!  She put together a Mass response book for children for the upcoming changes in the Mass.  I've printed mine out, have you?

--- 3 ---

In addition to the book work we do around here, we also try to teach our kids about being entrepreneurs.  Sure it takes longer for the payout, but there is something very fulfilling about seeing all of your hard work pay off.  This week, Ms 15 and Ms 17 yo were working together to finish off our goat milk soap website.  Ms 15 yo staged and took the pictures while Ms 17 yo put the pages up.  Now all we have to do is promote, promote, promote....After you're done reading here, why not go check out all the great work they did!

--- 4 ---

This year I'm all for supporting small businesses in my Christmas shopping.  Why give money to China when we can support people who are working hard right in our own communities (or at least our own country).  It might take a bit more thinking and searching, but I think it will be worth it.  Support small America :)

--- 5 ---

Last weekend I was out perusing a craft fair when I came across this lady who hand-painted absolutely gorgeous designs on Christmas tree ornaments.  We were having a fine conversation until I mentioned that we don't put up our tree until right before Christmas.  She commented that we must buy a real tree.  "No," I replied, "we just like to keep Advent as Advent and Christmas as Christmas."  Let's just say the conversation ended rather abruptly.

--- 6 ---

We have one more week to figure out how we are going to change out "Touch of Fall" basket to and Advent basket.  As I stated in #2 above, I am not that crafty and sometimes creativity eludes me, so as of yet we don't know what to put in our basket that represents the time of preparation for the coming of the Lord!  I'm trying to find ideas for some kind of Advent "calendar" that could utilize the basket and the mirror above it.  Any suggestions or links to ideas would be greatly appreciated.

--- 7 ---
What are your plans for Thanksgiving.  Ours are the usual...driving and eating.  Really, if we aren't eating something then that usually means we are driving in the car to the next place to eat.  I am truly thankful that we have family close enough to drive to and spend the holidays with.  Thank you, God, for all of the countless blessings you have given me and my family.  May you all have a very blessed Thanksgiving, too!
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