Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What About Your Kitchen?

In our previous house, it seemed that I spent most of my day in the kitchen.  In this house, I don't.  I'm not quite sure why.  Maybe it is because my older girls are doing more cooking than they used to.  In fact, right now, Ms. 15 yo is starting a crock pot lasagna recipe we just found that is very yummy!  

No matter if I'm in the kitchen cooking or baking, or just walking through it, a messy kitchen is another thing that just drives me crazy.  I just can't stand to walk in there to do something and see dirty dishes in the sink, food on the counters or the stove looking a mess.  I think the best thing that ever happened to us in the kitchen was the day our dish washer broke.  Before that day, the dirty dishes would stack up in the sink because no one would empty the clean dishwasher until the afternoon.  Now, someone is assigned to wash dishes after each meal.  Others are assigned to wipe counters, put the food away and sweep the floors.  This insures that the kitchen will be clean after each meal.

A clean kitchen puts a smile on my face.  A happy mom means a happy household :)

Another thing I learned about the kitchen was from my mother after one of our moves.  She helped me organize the cabinets and drawers into related areas.  I must confess that prior to that I had never really given it much thought.  Now, whenever I organize a kitchen, I make sure that all of the items we need for meals are close to the table, all the pots, pans, lids and cookie sheets are close to the oven and all of the items I need for baking are in one section.  

That is the part I love the most about all of this.  In one corner of my kitchen I have all of the main ingredients I need to bake, as well as my mixer, utensils and all of my cookbooks.  Since I love to bake, I LOVE my baking center!  It makes it so much easier and faster!

So what does your kitchen look like?  Is it organized?  Is it clean?  Does it make you smile when you enter it (or at least not frown)?  I hope you answered yes to all of those questions.  If not, what are you waiting for?  Happy organizing!

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