Sunday, November 20, 2011

My First Hunt

I surprised both myself and my husband this afternoon by telling him that I wanted to go out hunting with him.  

There was truly a momentary look of shock on his face.  Why?  Because first, I'm not fond of sitting in the cold and 2nd, I'm not fond of sitting...still that is, especially for 2 1/2 hours. 

So off we went to sit in our humble abode, my hubby and me.  I with my Canon, he with his gun.

We sat, and we sat, and we whispered a bit, and I got cold and he got sleepy.  I decided to use my weapon to fire a few shots.  Here is what I got...the view from my room....

Here is my husband checking out the scenery for any signs of life...this is before he got sleepy.  He wondered aloud, "I wonder how many deer get to live because of sleeping hunters?"  Good question.

And then it happened, I spotted a doe in the field up ahead.  We watched her for awhile, then we saw two others come to join her.  Well, darkness was closing in on us, so I suggested that my husband crawl through the field to see if he could get closer before he ran out of light (you know, me being the experienced hunter that I am).


 That's him, inching his way up the field.  He got pretty far before he lifted up his bright orange cap at the wrong time.  Ms. Doe spotted him and let out her cry of alarm.  They didn't run too far away, but then darkness set in and we had to leave.  It was pretty exciting and, even though my toes were numb, I'm sure glad I went.  It's good to do things like that with your husband every once in awhile :)