Friday, December 16, 2011

7 Quick Takes December 16, 2011

--- 1 ---

It's still premiere week, so I'm going to post another picture of my new book about how to organize your day!  My book "A Plan for Joy in the Home:  A Workbook on Organizing Your Day for Homeschooling Mothers" is now available for all of your daily organizing needs!

--- 2 ---

While a week before Christmas probably isn't the best time to release a new book, I'm thinking ahead to the new year.  What better way to start off 2012 than having a plan for your day that will help bring peace to your home?  Many people want to be more organized, how many will actually do something about it?  Here's your chance!

--- 3 ---

In this book I make you take a serious look at five important areas of your day: Your prayer life, your chore routines, your meal plan, your school day and the time you  spend with your husband, family and on yourself.  We talk about it, we pray about it and then you plan your day to incorporate them.  3 easy steps that will pay off big time for your whole family.
--- 4 ---

At first I wondered about the size of the book...I mean, it is only 65 pages.  But then I thought, who needs 100s of pages to tell them how to get organized?  Wouldn't a couple hundred pages seem too overwhelming?  So, in 65 pages I get right to the heart of the matter...short and sweet.

--- 5 ---

In case you missed the post yesterday, here is where I talk about the lovely young lady that did the layout and illustrations.  When you're done here, make sure you check it out so that you can learn a little bit about her!

--- 6 ---

Would you like to help me promote this book to other homeschooling mothers that you know of who want/need to be a bit more organized in their day???  Great, why not share this link with them or send my website on to them or your group newsletter?  That would be so wonderful and very much appreciated.  My website address is:

--- 7 ---

Oh, so you want to order a copy, too?  Why of course!  That would be wonderful and also very much appreciated!  You can go here to do that.  Or, if you like to read it in longhand...
Thanks!  And have a very blessed last week of Advent!

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