Friday, December 2, 2011

7 Quick Takes December 2, 2011

--- 1 ---

We took some family photos this past weekend in preparation for the big Christmas Card extravaganza!  I don't intend on using this one, but I just had to try it.  I saw this on another photographer's site and I just loved it.  The only thing I don't like about it is that I kept forgetting not to smile.  By the time I would set the timer and run to my spot, I'd have a big ole smile on my face, the camera would click and I'd remember that I wasn't supposed to be smiling.  Oh well, some of us are just better at portraying an "attitude" than others!

--- 2 ---
"A Plan for Joy" update...I'm hoping to have my workbook on how to organize your day ready for pre-sale by the Joyful Sunday in Advent.  Seems an appropriate time, doesn't it?  I'm just waiting on the cover art so that I have an image to use on  my web page and we'll be all set to go (I think).  Think now about buying a copy to have when it is time to make your New Year's resolution to be more organized :)
 --- 3 ---

Like everything "fall" in my house, I was getting tired of the fall background on this blog.  I went searching for something for Advent and couldn't find anything.  My next search was for purple.  I chose this one because it was called "sunset over Rome".  Oh well, at least it sounds religious :)

--- 4 ---

Every night each member of the family shares something that they are thankful for when they do their rosary intentions.  Many times it revolves around food (no comment) and usually about some kind of treat they got that day.  Tonight, however, I was surprised, because 3 or 4 of them mentioned they were thankful for the "Cuties" I know, those cute little clementines that taste really good...Had I known they would get so much praise, I would have bought them sooner!

--- 5 ---

The other day Ms 13 yo was complaining about having to do the laundry.  Ms 15 yo replied, "You know you'll have to do it when you're married."  Ms 13 yo said back, "Well, I won't have anything else to do."  With words well beyond her years, Ms 15 yo said, "You underestimate the married life."  Ah yes, sometimes they are so right....

--- 6 ---

Mr 6 yo was at Blue Knights the other night with his dad, his brother and all the other guys.  This year, for the "physical" part of the evening, they are learning some of the fundamentals of basketball.  Mind you, Mr 6 yo is one of the youngest boys there, with the bulk of the group averaging about 10 years old.  He came running in the door that night to tell me that his team won and it was all because of him!  He bounced the ball really hard and it went over all the boys' heads and his teammate was able to grab it on the other side, shoot a basket and win the game.  We're now trying to figure out how to teach him to keep his enthusiasm but mix it with a bit of humility!

--- 7 ---

Well, another full weekend ahead.  Have a joyful and blessed 2nd Sunday of Advent!


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