Sunday, December 4, 2011

Stay at Home Mom, ha!

Last week I was messing around with my facebook account and was updating my "work" status. I saw "Stay at Home Mom" as the closest choice for my official work status, but then I thought about how ridiculous that really is.

Seriously, do you know any mom that actually still stays at home more than not?  I can honestly say that I do not.  All the moms I know are always out running around.  Now I know what you are thinking.  "Stay at Home Mom" means that we are voluntarily staying home to raise our children and are willing to forgo any income.  I understand that.  But if that is the case, then shouldn't we really stay at home?  Should we be out putting thousands of miles on our car, running from event to activity to performance to competition, etc. the solution in finding a different name for what we do?  Should we call ourselves, instead, "Away from Home and Unpaid" moms?  I know that is a more accurate representation of what I do almost every day.  I just cannot relate to "Stay at Home".  Thinking of myself that way makes me want to go sit by the roaring fire and read books with the kids all day.  I know that I am in control of my family's schedule, but the "stay at home" mode is just not the season of life we are in right now.

So on to the next week, when we will have multiple places to be every day.  I will try to enjoy the running around and will continue to consider myself, at least for the time being, an AFHU Mom!