Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Review

Praise God, we had a wonderful two days this weekend with family celebrating the Birth of Our Lord!  Everyone remained relatively healthy and in good spirits.  We had great food and lots of laughs.  

The highpoint of Christmas for me, though, is Midnight Mass.  This one was particularly good because Ms 15 yo sang her first solo ever.  She sang "O Holy Night" for the communion meditation song.  She did a great job and didn't have too much "nervous" vibrato in her voice.  She's the blond on the left in the front row.
Then we were all surprised when my husband came into Mass dressed as the MC.  He had gone early to bring Ms 15 yo and Mr 11 yo to prepare for Mass when he got asked to be the MC so Fr. Michael could con-celebrate.  It was cool to see him in his cassock and surplus.

Mr 11 yo got to be the thurifer.  He enjoys that position and does a good job of not gagging when all the incense is hanging around his face!

 Another big highlight for me this year was the gift I received from my husband.  

This book is awesome!  It has all of the prayers, Sunday readings and daily readings from the Mass as well as all kinds of other prayers...pretty much anything you need!  

I love books like this; especially ones with ribbons.  I took it to Mass this morning, and while it will take me awhile to find my way around, I loved having everything I need all in one book!

The kids are all happy, too.  The older girls now have the challenge of fitting all of their new clothes into their already stuffed closet (three girls to one closet :) and the boys and Ms 8 yo have the challenge of figuring out where to store all of their new Legos.  You pretty much can't take a step around here without stepping on a Lego.

All-in-all it was a very blessed beginning to the Christmas season.  I hope that your Christmas was off to a good start, too.