Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More Christmas Treats

Day three of the fourth week of Advent finds us doing another "craft", this time in the kitchen.  To go along with our decorative cubes from yesterday we are adding various treats.  Yesterday we made the yummy Rolo/pretzel/pecan treats.  It is very hard to control yourself when those are around :)

Today, the younger three in the group helped make the dipped pretzels.  I can't believe we've never made these before!  

We dipped some pretzels in white chocolate and others in semi-sweet.  Here's Mr 11 yo stirring the pot - in a good way this time...

And Ms 8 yo getting ready to cover her pretzel in sprinkles.  I'm so glad that they both like to bake and make things in the kitchen.

 Here's what Mr 11 yo and Mr 6 yo were doing in between batches...melting colored sprinkles in water to see what colors they could come up with :)

A budding photographer, Mr 11 yo asked for control of the camera and took a rare shot of me...or at least my hands.

Kind of hard to tell, but this one is Chicago Bear's colors!  We did make a Green Bay Packers one, too, but I dare not put up a picture of that one :)

And the final product.  Ready to get wrapped up and given to family members, who thankfully don't ever read my blog!

Hope your final days are going well!