Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Boy and His Pants

At the beginning of fall when the weather started to turn cooler and the wearing of pants became a necessity, I picked Mr 6 yo up some new blue jeans.  

Time went by and I noticed that I never seemed to see him in any of those blue jeans.  Instead, I was consistently seeing him in either his green or his black track pants...from last year.  As you can imagine, they were getting to be a little above flood stage by now.  

"Why," I asked, "are you not wearing any of the jeans that I got for you?"

"I don't like jeans," he replied.

"You what??  You're a boy, you have to like blue jeans.  There is no other option.  What are you going to do, grow up and wear sweat pants for the rest of your life?"

I mean, really, how can a boy not like blue jeans?   I tried to reason with him, I tried to threaten him, I told him he couldn't wear his track pants out of the house because they were just getting too short.  He was very compliant.  He would put on his jeans to leave the house and then promptly change into his track pants as soon (and I mean AS SOON) as we got home.

I tried to dig deeper.  "WHY don't you like your jeans?"

"Well, these have a button and I don't like buttons, I like snaps, and these have the buttons on the insides of the waist and I don't like those, and...I don't know...I just don't like blue jeans."  

(In his defense, I have since talked to other moms who have had the same problem with their own sons.)

I was at the end of my rope when God intervened.  Last week both pairs of track pants somehow ended up in the laundry bin for an extended period of time, thus forcing him to either wear his jeans or remain at home for the entire week.  After the clean laundry was distributed last night, however, he called me into his room and said, "Mom, I just got these pants back but, you know what, I just don't want them anymore.  I like wearing my jeans, so you can get rid of these other pants."


My prayers had been answered!  I ran out of the room with them before he could change his mind!  It is after experiences like this one that I can't believe people think there is no God.  If you know someone who doesn't believe there is a God...please have them read this story, and maybe they will believe when they see that an obsessive little 6 year old boy suddenly changed his mind about his pants :)