Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy Feast of St. Nicholas!

What a wonderful feast day to have during Advent; a mini-anticipation of Christmas Day!  We haven't always celebrated this feast; it came along later as our family grew and we looked for more ways to celebrate our faith.

We do the usual "put your shoes out" routine.  Sometimes we put them next to the beds, sometimes in the hallway outside the bedroom doors.  This year we lined them up by the fireplace.

St. Nicholas comes and fills the shoes with candy.  I know many families who fill them with healthy things to eat, but here, it is candy.  Not any candy, mind you, but candy that was frozen at Halloween and taken out special for this feast day!

St. Nicholas also usually brings us a movie.  It either tends to be the new Narnia movie or the new Pirates movie.  As you can probably guess, this year it is Pirates 4 for all of us to enjoy.

One thing that has been added over the last few years are the little treats and notes that are put into the shoes by some of the kids.  This year one of the kids put a penny in each shoe, while two others wrote little notes from St. Nicholas for each of their siblings.  That, to me, shows what this feast day is all about...thinking of others and doing something nice for them.

In the spirit of good ole St. Nick, have a very blessed feast day!