Friday, January 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes January 20, 2012

--- 1 ---

Do your children love these little cuties as much as mine do?  I seriously cannot keep enough of them in the house.  Well, at least they are devouring something healthy! (Keep reading, I promise it gets meatier :)

--- 2 ---

This past weekend we went to the annual Mass for Life that our diocese holds.  As an added bonus, we got to meet our new Bishop.  There is a procession at the beginning of Mass with candles from each of the years since Roe v Wade became law.  The littler kids get to carry in roses instead of lit candles!  At the end of Mass there is a blessing of all the people going to the March.  Afterwards you can go and get a candle (or four :) and a rose. 

--- 3 ---

This year two of our girls are going to the March with two different groups.  It is the first time for Ms 17 yo and the second time for Ms 19 yo.  Sadly, this is something we have always wanted to do but have never done as a family.  Some day...

--- 4 ---

It is also a bittersweet moment because, while we are happy to send our girls off to take part in such an important event, we are sad to see them go because Ms 15 yo turns into Ms 16 yo this weekend, and thus they will not be here to help us celebrate.  Ms 15 yo was my sign that the pro-life movement was something we were going to be involved with for the rest of our lives.  She was born on the 22nd and was my first baby after my "reversion" back to the faith.  I was searching for direction in my new-found faith and her choice of a birth day gave me what I was looking for! 

--- 5 ---

I am so excited to have found a new facebook group called "The Catholic Bloggers Network".  It is a closed group, so you can search it out and ask to join if you're interested.  There are a lot of cool things going on over there.  I am looking forward to diving in and getting involved.

--- 6 ---

Catholic Bloggers Network

I'm very excited about this!  I was able to link up my "A Plan for Joy in the Home" website to this online Shoppe to spread the word about my workbook!  There are other great Catholic shops listed, too, so make sure you check it out.

--- 7 ---

I pray for the safety for all of those marching in the March for Life on Monday.  Wouldn't it be nice, too, if the media recognized "all" of them this year, and not just the couple hundred who usually show up?  Have a blessed weekend.

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  1. I love the idea of having a candle for each year. That is even something families could do at home with each child lighting a candle for those aborted during the year they were born. I will need to remember that once mine are a little older.