Monday, January 16, 2012

Mexican Cultural Day

A good friend of mine started a club about 10 years ago, called the St. Faustina Club, for girls ages 10 thru high school.  Each year she picks a different country and the girls learn about the history, culture, food, music and any saints from that country.  Sometime during the year, all the families involved gather to have a cultural day, complete with skits, activities and lots of good food.

This year the country the girls are studying is Mexico.  We gathered a few weekends ago for our cultural day and were treated to some great activities and performances.

The day began with a Mexican dance done by the girls in the club who have a Mexican heritage.  The costumes were beautiful and their dancing was pretty good, too.



Next the girls all did the Mexican Hat Dance.  They then brought a bunch of these little hats out onto the gym floor and invited us all to participate.

The Mexican Hat Dance is very good exercise, as the song goes on for ever!
We then participated in Las Posadas - the story of how Joseph and Mary went from inn to inn looking for a place to stay.  


They were turned down at three houses (one of which is pictured here)

And are finally given a place to stay!

And what Mexican Fiesta doesn't have a pinata?  We were convinced that this particular one was made of concrete.  One of the boys finally beat it enough to break the string, but a dad still had to tear it open!

This is such a great club.  The girls learn so much and my friend who leads it does a wonderful job every year.  She keeps going with it, even though her own daughters are in college, and we are grateful that she does!


  1. That sounds really neat. Why is it called the St. Faustina club?

  2. Good question, Maria. I forgot to mention that the first country the girls studied was Poland, thus the club was named after St. Faustina who was from that country. Originally it was only going to be a one time club, but we all liked it so much we begged for more!

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. What a lovely group you have for the girls. My two oldest girls are in the Little Women's program and my youngest girl is in Little Flowers. They all enjoy it so much. We live in Texas and truly enjoy the beautiful Hispanic culture all around us. Thanks for sharing!