Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Two Powerful Days

I have to say that I rather enjoyed the split between the actual Roe v Wade day on the 22nd and the day that everything took place on the 23rd.  Since Ms 16 yo's birthday is the 22nd, we usually spend our time split between celebrating and praying.  Many times we're having dinner, shoving cake in, ripping through cards and gifts and then running out the door to a prayer service.

This year, however, was so nice and peaceful.  We had the opportunity to focus on her birthday on Sunday and then on Monday were really able to devote time to praying for LIFE.

Two of our daughters were in Washington over the weekend, so we attempted to watch EWTN's coverage of the March on the computer.  Unfortunately the picture quality was poor and our feed was slow.  There would be about 5 seconds of talking for every 10 seconds of silence.  Very frustrating when you are trying to concentrate on all of the great speakers they had.  Needless to say we didn't see anyone...or at least we couldn't determine if the blobs we were looking at were anyone recognizable.

Then on Monday evening we went to our parish for a very beautiful holy hour.  The lights were dimmed, candles and incense were burning, Our Lord was on the altar and we prayed the Evening Prayers of the Liturgy of the Hours.  It was very moving.  After that they showed the film "Blood Money".  I had not seen it before and I must say that it is a very powerful movie.  I am glad that the little kids bailed out early and went to play in the narthex.  While there wasn't anything visually graphic, the discussions were very forthright and incredibly disturbing.  I can't imagine how anyone who would see this movie could still support abortion afterwards.

So now I await the coming home of my pilgrims and I have a feeling that we've all just been reinvigorated in our desire to fight for LIFE!  I pray that the entire country has, too.