Friday, July 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes July 27, 2012

--- 1 ---
Our air conditioner has been broken all this past week.  Not sure when the part is supposed to come in, but I sure hope it is soon because it has been very hot and, at times, very humid around here.  I was really hoping to get things back to normal this week but I just don't function well when it's this hot.
--- 2 ---
We actually had to retreat last night because it wasn't cooling down so we went and stayed at my parent's house for the night.  What a wonderful respite it was.  There house is peaceful and nicely decorated and not full of all the stuff that nine people have when they live together.  I always enjoy going over there because it feels like being at a nice resort.  Besides, they have a screened in porch and coffee in the morning always tastes better when you drink it on a screened in porch (unless of course it is December or something like that :)
--- 3 ---
We don't have any TV reception or cable or anything here, so when we go to their house we usually turn on HGTV and get engrossed in all the interesting shows that are on.  Before we got to HGTV, we stopped off at a reality dance show but realized quickly that watching scantily clad people gyrating on stage probably wasn't a good family event.  We settled down for a late night of House Hunters and Property Brothers.  What fun we had!

--- 4 ---
I really like those shows that show you how to do really cool things with your house for not a ton of money.  I wish I had vision like some of these people have.  I suppose that is why they have a TV show and I do not :)  However, it helps me to see what other people come up with so as to figure out what kind of simple things I can do at home to spruce things up.

--- 5 ---
.Case in point.  We used to have this ugly hutch that we bought at a garage sale and it sat in our dining room holding our good dishes.  It was so unattractive that you just tried not to notice it but it did serve its purpose.  We moved and my aunt took it from us but she thought it was ugly too, so it sat in her garage for the past two years.  Finally my dad took it home, put some new paint on it and now it looks wonderful.  How come I didn't do that 7 years ago???  A couple of hours and a few dollars in paint and she has a beautiful hutch to hold her dishes.  Vision...that's what I need. 
--- 6 ---
So after our marathon of HGTV shows I got to thinking about the desk I am sitting at right now.  My dh built it so it is big and sturdy but the paint is old and it is ugly.  I just might feel inspired to sand it and give it a new paint job to spruce this old baby up.  Sounds like a good "before we get back to school"  project!  Remember, a couple of hours and a few dollars in paint... I can do this!

--- 7 ---
We have a quiet weekend at home this weekend!  How wonderful that sounds.  It will sound even more wonderful if I can hear the soft hum of my a/c instead of the loud roar of all these fans.  Hope you have a blessed weekend wherever you are at!

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