Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fairy Tale Novels Fan Gathering

Last week we had the honor of hosting the official Fairy Tale Novels Fan Gathering (aka ReginaCon).  

If you are not familiar with Regina Doman and her wonderful books (as well as Chesterton Press and all of the exciting projects that they have in the works), then by all means, get on the band wagon and find out what all the fuss is about!

Regina and her hubby as well as two of their children joined about 20 other teens and young adults at our house for four days of talks, prayers and lots of fun.  

Thursday the group learned how to make marshmallows

and had relay races in the evening


as well as a bonfire...where those wonderful marshmallows were consumed.  

On Friday there was a very good weapons demonstration by a "weapons expert" because every good writer should know how to accurately incorporate weaponry into their story!

There was also an Anime drawing class 

 an informative lecture about how to write fiction

and the highlight of the day was the live "Clue" game where there was a wild cast of characters and a murder to solve!  That was a lot of fun and everyone really got into their characters!

 The "murderer"


 The "murdered"

Saturday was a fun day at a local beach and then a talent show and a dance!  It sure felt good to cool off for awhile.

Sunday we all went to Mass together and then began the goodbye process.  Parting truly is such sweet sorrow when you've spent four days with some wonderful young people.  What a blessing for our girls to have such a wonderful opportunity to learn from a talented author, have a lot of fun and make some great friends.



  1. That looks like an incredible amount of fun. My daughter would have loved this, especially the anime.

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