Thursday, July 26, 2012

Life of Fred Pre-Algebra

I am very excited to be delving into these relatively new books in the Fred line-up.  These two books were added about a year or so ago, but until now I did not have a student to try them out on.  Prior to the pre-algebra books being added, whenever I needed to fill in the gap between decimals/percents and beginning algebra I would hop on over to Saxon again for a year.  Let's just say that both my children and I are thrilled that Fred is here to teach them all they need to know about pre-algebra!

What's even more exciting is that, in true Fred fashion, they aren't just getting math concepts but biology and economics thrown in there.   For example, the first book includes the following topics:

seeds, plants, kingdoms, genes, bones, skin, DNA, volume, diameter and circumference of a circle, sets and negative numbers

just to name a few of the topics.  It looks like the book does a wonderful job of covering biology for the middle grade students.

In the second book, many timely economic topics are covered as well as math concepts.  Some of the topics covered in pre-algebra 2 include:

domain and co-domain, how to run a successful business, money, capitalism, socialism and communism, loans, freedom vs liberty and Venn diagrams.

I will be starting the first pre-algebra book with my son who is entering 7th grade this year.  Depending on whether you student finishes fractions and decimals/percents in one year or not, you could be starting this in 6th grade, which I think would also be appropriate.

If you are looking for an interesting middle-school math program, I think these books fit the bill.  You can get more detailed information and order the books from my website, Catholic Homeschooling Resources.