Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Best Friends Forever...

As a homeschooling family that doesn't live in a subdivision surrounded by ready-made people to be friends with, we must make a concerted effort to find and maintain friendships.  Quite often when we do find a family that we really click with it is because, besides being like-minded, they have kids that match up with many of our children.

We found one such family and are sorry to have them moving to another state very soon.  From Ms 13 yo down, this other family comprises the best friends of all of my children.  What a tough time it was yesterday when they all came over to spend the day for probably what will be the last time.

It isn't often that you find friends like that.  I know I have a few that I've been friends with since I was very young, and even though we moved away when I was 13, I have still maintained those friendships over these many years.  Through college, early adulthood, parenthood and now, even though we've taken different paths on occasion, I still count these "early" friends as some of my best.

So it is with that thought that I look at the above picture and hope that my kids and their friends will be able to maintain a friendship for many years to come, despite the physical distance between them.  As the one boy said to my son, "Sure I'll come back to visit you, maybe even when we have kids and stuff!"

I thank God for the friends He has put in our lives.  Even though they have to leave, He has given us many memories to cherish and we thank Him for his generosity in giving us such great people.