Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Good Bye and a Hello

Our house has been abuzz for the past two weeks.  I recently told you about all the fun that was had during ReginaCon.  After that ended and the last people left on Monday morning, we had a day to turn the house around and get ready for a good bye party for friends of ours.

Turned out to be one of the hottest days of the week, my air conditioner broke that afternoon and I was expecting 100 people at my house that evening.  Fortunately the A/C got fixed in time and we were able to offer respite to some of those 100 people since not all of them would fit in the house at once.  

It was a glorious, but sad, evening as we said good bye to some of the best friends my kids have. 

We had two days to turn the house around after that one when we, fortunately, had to leave this time to go to a family wedding out of state. 

 We left on Friday to partake in the rehearsal festivities as Ms 9 yo was a flower girl, Mr 11 yo was serving and Ms 20 yo read the petitions.

I opted to leave my camera at the hotel on the day of the wedding because, for once, I really wanted to enjoy an event with both of my eyes open instead of looking at it all through the camera lens.  Of course, I now regret that as I have no pictures of everyone in their formal attire :(

I did, however, have the awesome job of taking pictures on Saturday morning of the groom and his men.  
It isn't often you get to see the groom's side of things before the wedding so I took advantage of that and snapped our nephew as he prepared for his big day.

The wedding was beautiful and we headed home on Sunday, happy but totally exhausted from two long weeks of partying!  I had hoped to get back to some semblance of normalcy, but we came home to the A/C being broken again, probably for the entire week, with temps in the 90s.  Unfortunately I just can't manage to get much done when it is that hot and humid.  Maybe soon things will be "normal", whatever that is...