Monday, July 9, 2012

Catholic Woman's Almanac

I thought I'd try a new meme today, so I'm linking up (a little on the late side) with the wonderful women over at Sucipio.

Moments of Gratitude
* For good friends
* My younger children getting to have fun with their cousins this weekend
* My oldest son getting to go to boys' camp
* For many fun opportunities over the next two weeks

Beauty in the Ordinary

We have a visitor from Canada with us this week and right now the girls are all dressing up and making a music video.  It is so beautiful to see them having fun and being creative!

From the Kitchen

We have a wonderful chicken enchilada dinner in the crock pot.  Can't wait to eat it and I'm glad that it is almost ready and we don't have to turn on the oven and heat up the kitchen even more than it already is.


There are SO MANY people to pray for right now.  Many souls of recently deceased friends and relatives as well as a few sick people to pray for.  As always, there are financial concerns that keep me on my knees.


I'm taking the suggestion of our Miles Christi priests and am meditating on the last section of The Imitation of Christ about the Eucharist.


I just read a blog post about trusting that Jesus is "in my boat" so that as the waves crash around us, I'm pondering if I really feel that security of "knowing" He is with me or do I still freak out about the trials and loose that trust?  Probably the latter, so I guess I'll have to work more on that.


"Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist" by Brant Pitre, which is an excellent book.  I love learning more about the ties between the Old and New Testaments.  God is so awesome.

Around the House

Our house is abuzz as we have about 15 people ready to descend upon it on Wednesday through Sunday.  We're hosting a get-together with Regina Doman and her hubby and two of their children as well as a bunch of other teens.  It shall prove to be a great time, I am sure!




  1. Sounds busy but fun all around. I would love to have directions to make the crockpot chicken enchiladas!

  2. So beautiful...I love reading these! So many blessings going on in your life : )

    Love the pic too! Have a blessed day.

    {BTW...can't wait to start LOF! Don't worry about the delay.}

  3. I'm waiting with Kellie for the recipe for the crockpot enchiladas! Your captured photo is simply beautiful. I enjoyed the little peek into your life, hope to see you next week.