Friday, January 3, 2014

7 Quick Takes January 3 2014

Happy New Year!  We're off to a great start here with some new snow and some freezing cold temps to bring us through the weekend.  Love the snow - except when I have to drive on the snow packed roads that the state doesn't plow well because they are too far out in the country to bother with.  Especially when you have to drive west and it is near sunset...and when you're taking your car in because there are many things wrong with it and you're afraid it's going to cost a fortune...which is why you're driving it out to a mechanic in the country, hoping it won't cost as much, on snow packed roads at sunset in the first place.

Anyhow, I had a chance on Thursday to have breakfast, that almost turned into lunch, with some girlfriends.  We met for Mass and then went back to our friend's house to eat.  It's been awhile since we've done this, and times like this make me realize that us adults need some serious socialization time,too, just like our kids.  Make it a point this year to get out and spend some time with friends!  Alone!  Without the kids (if possible, of course)!

This is Mr 13 yo on Christmas Eve.  His sisters and I all think he looks like David Tennant or maybe Clark Kent.  What do you think?  Dr Who fans, weigh in!
I know this sounds morbid, but since my father-in-law passed away and with all the holidays, every time I took a picture of some relative, I kept thinking that I was glad I captured it because it will be nice to have at their wake.  I know, morbid.  I warned you up front.

We've been taking our time off (when we aren't celebrating at some party or dinner or sleeping) to catch up on "Once Upon a Time".  Only two more episodes of that and we'll be up to date.  Then, of course, the new episode of "Sherlock" just came out and so we have to watch that.  AND....*squeal* "Downton Abbey" starts this Sunday.  Even though they left us in such a horrible spot last season, I'm eager to see where they will go with it.

Since I haven't shared any Christmas photos, except the one in #3, here are some shots - none of which I had morbid thoughts about.  My five fun-filled daughters above and my two goofy sons below.

And this one is a picture of my cousin's daughter's son.  Don't know what that makes him to me, but boy is he cute :)

Basketball starts this weekend.  Mr 13 yo plays on Friday nights and Ms 10 yo plays on Saturdays.  At least it is close to our house!  We also get to celebrate our nephew's college graduation this weekend.  Only two more parties to go until we are done for awhile.  I can honestly say that I can't wait till we're done with all of this eating!

God Bless!
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  1. Re "my cousin's daughter's son. Don't know what that makes him to me, but boy is he cute :)"

    Assuming the grandparent is a simple 1st cousin (one of their parents was a sibling of one of your parents), the boy would be your 1st cousin twice removed. Of course, if the original cousinship is more complex, so is the relationship between you and the boy. Sometimes it takes paper and pencil to work it out!

    But yes, he is indeed cute!

    (From an overly-keen amateur genealogist)

    1. Thanks for letting me know that! Yes it's a simple relationship so I guess it's what you said .