Friday, January 24, 2014

7 Quick Takes - A Myriad of Photos Edition

We celebrated Ms 18 yo's birthday on Wednesday.  She was my first baby after my reversion back to the Catholic faith, appropriately born on the 22nd of January, thus beginning our journey into the pro-life world.  

 This was the dessert she picked out:  Red Velvet Bundt Cake.  It was as delicious and chocolatey as it looks.  She tried some Pintrest version of chocolate curls and unfortunately it didn't work like they said it would, but they still tasted yummy.
What I really want to know is this:  Who thinks of this clip when they hear the words "bundt cake"?  

We even pulled it up last night and watched it before diving in.  Love that movie!

I have been wanting to take pictures during a good snowfall and I got my chance this past Wednesday.  Unfortunately for Ms 18 yo it was also very cold out, but it was her idea to go out there so I acquiesced to her request.  At least I got to keep my jacket on.  I love how the snow flakes are in varying degrees of focus. 

I may have mentioned here before that Ms 10 yo is now playing basketball.  Her team is following in her big brother's footsteps by not winning a game yet, but it's early so there is still hope.  The Friday night before her first Saturday game, we were watching a bunch of older girls play and they all had on these funky socks so I told her she should get some for her game.  She showed up on Saturday with these socks on and, you guessed it, was the only one from either team that had funky socks.  Oh well, maybe she'll start a trend with the younger crowd.
The Chicago Bulls had Michael Jordan and his tongue...The Upward Sports Bulls have Mr 13yo and his cheeks.  He does this all the time :)
We're hoping for two more of these wins this weekend.  He was the Home team and this is the first time in 1 1/2 seasons we've seen his team with a win.  Hoping they can both pull it off.  Also hoping to tackle the bathroom de-molding project this weekend.  The walls need to be washed down and then painted with a mold/mildew resistant paint.  We then need to seriously consider finding a house without a mold/mildew problem!  Have a great weekend.

God Bless!
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