Monday, January 13, 2014

The Rhythm of Our Days

It seems as if all I ever do around here lately is play catch-up.  I have ideas and the desire to write, but no time.  When I finally have a bit of time, the ideas and the desire have gone into hiding.  Towards the end of last summer I was feeling the urge to pull back but didn't.  Now I pull back because time seems to escape me, and I've been okay with that.  I love to write here, but I also am enjoying being busy with the physical stuff around here lately, too.  

It always amazes me how I can be busy from morning till night just keeping up with things.  Projects?  Forget 'em.  Big things that really need to be done?  Nope; they just keep getting pushed farther down the calendar.  For example, we really need to repaint this one bathroom because we are having some mold issues.  Top priority, I say.  Unfortunately time and schedules have dictated otherwise and I keep moving it on my calendar from one weekend to the next.  The funny thing is, it really wouldn't take that long to do, we just need to get started.

All that to say that we've been moving through our days here at a steady pace, keeping busy going from one task or event to the next.  Basketball has a spot on our weekend calendar that we all look forward to - one day they actually will win a game and we'll be there to cheer them on.  

This week we're in full swing as college classes have started in addition to our full school schedule returning and Performing Arts classes going on.  The fun in this week is that we only have one car to do it all with.  I refuse to think about this ahead of time because all I will do is fret, so instead I'm not thinking of the next day till the night before and then praying it will all work out.

There is a nice rhythm so far to all of this.  Ideas will continue to bounce around in my head and I will try to remember to write them down so that when time and motivation meet up, I will be here to wow you with them :).  In the meantime, I'm off to the next thing on my list.

 God Bless!