Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What a Way to Celebrate

My husband, like many husbands, works very hard each and every day to provide for his family.  We are so grateful for all that he does for us and that's what makes it doubly sad that his birthday had to be spent as a series of unfortunate events.

For example, I had to call him numerous times yesterday, and not just to say "I love you"!  The first time was because our washing machine wouldn't work.  We weren't sure if it was a frozen water line or not, so we tried heating up the room with a space heater to see if that would help.  Since it wasn't working, I thought it must be the washer so I called out a repair man.  Well, repair man determined that it was, in fact, a frozen water line.  Good bye $70.

The next series of phone calls was about our one working car.  I had to take Ms 19 yo to work so that I could have the car and, after letting it warm up for 30 minutes, I backed it up and saw this:

Not sure what it was from, we determined that I shouldn't drive it, just in case, and that he would check it out when he got home.  Fortunately, since Ms 21 yo is still stuck in Rhode Island, we had her car to fall back on.

Well, dh gets home, takes care of the repair man, tries to look at the car but the hood won't open because it is so cold out, and then has to face this:

Fortunately, the plumber came right over (during his birthday dinner, of course, which meant he had to eat it luke warm) and patched it up for the time being so that we could turn the water back on.

Back to dinner, a few phone calls to the daughters not at home to sing with us and we finally get to have dessert.  (Poor guy, I didn't even have the right candles to put on his pie!)

After cleaning up dinner, cleaning up the left-over water in the laundry room and praying our rosary, the day finally came to an end.  What a way to spend a birthday.  It is such a blessing that there are men out there who know that sometimes they have to put themselves behind the things that need to get done.  God bless my husband, and all men, who work so hard to provide for their families.

God Bless!