Thursday, January 16, 2014

Theme Thursday - Craft

First off, let me state that I am not a crafty person, my husband is not particularly crafty and my first 5 children aren't really gifted in the craft department.  That brings us to child number took us 6 kids to get one child who is a. interested in crafts (despite her mother) and b. is good at crafts (again despite her mother).  

I, on the other hand, am more into organizing.  I like things neat and tidy, or at least the things that are mine.  Child #6, the crafty one, otherwise known here as Ms 10 yo prefers to throw her creative juices toward the craft at hand and not the organizing part. 

With that introduction, I bring you this week's picture - our CRAFT storage corner.  Her supplies, her organization method, but the things she can create with them make us all jealous (in a holy sort of way!).

For more CRAFT pictures, head on over to Clan Donaldson!

God Bless! 


  1. My 10 yr. old is #4 out of 8 and the first to have a passion for cooking. She does not, however, have a passion for clean up. I love both.

    So, I reflect on my oldest daughter, now 21, who was the same way with clean up and especially her room! She is "on the ball" now and I didn't have to nag her incessantly along the way. At least I tried not to.

    But in the end, I really do want someone to cook other than myself. Yeah!

  2. I have some of those crafty ones.

    I think the two personalities go well together, the crafty one thrives when supplies are organized. They need someone to do that for them (at that age at least).

    1. Yeah, I know, unfortunately the craft area is in an area that I don't go past that often and, not being crafty myself, isn't something I think about too often...until I see the mess that is! She also doesn't like other people straightening her "stuff" so we will forge ahead with trying to get her to be more organized herself. I have faith that it will kick in sometime :)

  3. I'd say to Ms. 10 yo -- craft on, girl!

    Blessings to your days, mom!

  4. Sometimes it takes practice to be crafty when you're not born with it. Kinda like gardening, it just takes some practice and anyone can have a green thumb.

  5. That looks like every surface my 8 y/o lays claim to!