Monday, January 27, 2014

Moments of Grace - Online Daybook

A little late to the game, but joining up with Jenny and other great women over at Plain Grace!

Thanking God for:

* Getting our bathroom demolding project finished.  We were able to repaint and clean it from top to bottom.  Now to hang everything back up so we can shower in civilized conditions, instead of in the shower downstairs, in the basement, with the critters, and the cold.
* A warm house to weather the polar vortex II.  
* Writing class cancelled for tomorrow - okay, so my kids are more thankful for this one than I am.
* A month with an extra paycheck - at least by my budgeting method :)
* A game day today for our school snow day.  Yahtzee for math skills, Across America for Geography, Great States for Geography and Clue for critical thinking skills.  
* A digital antennae that allowed us to watch Downton Abbey and Sherlock last night without internet loading interupptions.

Listening To:

* Mr 8 yo whooping it up because he actually won the game of Clue.
* The theme from "Sherlock" running through my head.  Love that song! 


I have to say that since getting my Kindle, I have been reading a lot more.  I wish I could say the same for finishing the books.  I currently have the following going right now:

* The Napoleon of Notting Hill by Chesterton .  I thought I'd give him a try.
The Rule by St. Benedict.  I've been wanting to read this for awhile so for $.99 I couldn't resist. 
* The Life and Prayers of St. Padre Pio by Wyatt North. 
I just read a little bit each day, or every other day.  Okay, so maybe once a week if I'm lucky.  But hey, I'm reading more than I used to. 


* Why the italics keeps turning on every time I start a new line.  
*  The winds of change are blowing in certain areas of our life and I'm not sure any of us are all that excited about it.  Pondering what direction we need to take.


* That God will make His will known for us in this pondering situation.
* For all of the people who are suffering in so many different situations.
* For friends of ours and their car situation.
* For a friend of mine, mom of 10, who just got two compression fractures on her spine.  Can you say, "OUCH"????

The Week Ahead:

* Cold, cold and more cold.  And then warmer and probably more snow.  And then maybe some wind.  At least it looks pretty outside (see below).
* When the cold breaks, we have the usual to look forward to:  basketball, Blue Knights for the boys, and theater and dance classes
* However, on Saturday is our yearly Father/Daughter Ball and this is a highlight for all of us, boys included because they get to go stay with Grandma!


God Bless!