Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Surprises, Cold and Water Everywhere

Oh what an interesting couple of days it has been since last we met.  If you happen to be in one of the warm areas of the country (though there are few of those), consider yourself lucky.  That's the thing with making plans in January, you cannot be attached to them because they are most likely going to change in one way or another due to the weather.

Ms 19 yo and Ms 15 yo had been planning a surprise birthday party for the soon to be Ms 18 yo.  They had been planning it for months and then the day was here and so was the snowstorm.  All day we kept an eye on the weather channel, hoping against hope that the snow would not ruin all of our plans.  I have a problem with failed parties that goes way back to the time when I was little and my parents had a New Year's Eve party and everyone just sat around depressed because one of the guest's sisters was contemplating suicide.  I felt so bad for everyone and it has stuck with me ever since.  

So anyhow.  The funny thing about how it all turned out was that all of the girls that drove themselves showed up and it was only some of the ones being driven by their parents that cancelled.  


Smart parents because it was nasty going home.  Fortunately every one made it home safely and they all had a nice time - even though Ms almost 18 yo wasn't terribly surprised :)

This pose is such a rarity for these two that I had to put it out there as proof that they do, indeed, sometimes like each other.

Everyone needs a 13 year old boy at their party, don't they? 

On Sunday morning we awoke to a lot of snow, some blowing and drifting, and a not fun commute to the nearest church.  

See, our van is in the shop right now and that meant we needed to take two cars, which means that I had to drive one of them and I don't like to drive in snow, so we opted for the closest church so that we could get there and back in the fewest miles possible.

Then the beginning of this week brought the arctic freeze that covered a large portion of the country.  Knowing your area is colder than Anchorage and Siberia is a little daunting.  We've pretty much stayed put the last two days, which meant that we had nothing to do but start school - so start school we did.

This week begins our Performing Arts classes and next week the college kids start their classes again, so we'll be back in full swing - except that it will be much more difficult because we're still down two cars.  Oh well, God knows our struggles and will see fit to work out the details.

And just now a pipe burst in our wall, so I guess I have to go :)

God Bless!