Friday, February 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes February 8 2012

--- 1 ---
Every once in awhile I come across a quote that really sticks in my brain.  The other day I read this one from Pope St. Gregory (parenthesis are mine for context of the quote), "The devil has nothing of his own in this world, and he goes into battle naked.  If you are clothed when you fight him (meaning you have a lot of attachments), you will soon be pulled to the ground, because he will have something to grab onto."  This is what I imagine myself to look like when fighting the devil:  


--- 2 ---
Yesterday I had the opportunity to do what I think has become my favorite of the P90X workouts:  Kenpo X.  I've never done anything like this before, so this martial art-sy type workout is quite fun and exhausting.  I figure everyone is still safe because my form is horrible and my punches and kicks are quite lacking.  You never know, though, what might happen with some more practice.  If nothing else, it burns a lot of calories.
--- 3 ---
My favorite part of Quick Takes:  being able to rapidly change topics without appearing to be scatter-brained :)

--- 4 ---

Our pastor was supposed to come for dinner last night but had to cancel because he wasn't feeling well.  Unfortunately we had already baked the dessert and so had to eat it so that it didn't go to waste.  Darn.
--- 5 ---

I've taken the photographic plunge and been shooting in full manual mode lately. It has been so much fun!.  

That's what I love about photography; there is always so much more to learn. 

You start in automatic mode, move to semi-manual mode and then to manual mode.  You might think you're done when you learn that, but then there's all the lighting and white balance and tons of other things to fine tune so that you don't have to depend so much on your post-processing abilities.  It's a lot like the are never done learning and growing!
--- 6 ---

Mr 12 yo has a double header in basketball tonight; one game at 8:00 pm and the next at 9:00 pm.  The games are each 36 minutes long with a 9 minute half-time break so they turn these babies around in a very timely fashion.  Well, seeing as how his team hasn't won one game yet, we're all a little nervous about what they are going to look like by the 9:00 pm game.  To top it off, they only have seven players, so the boys play quite a bit of those 36 minutes.  If you feel so inclined, please say a prayer that they don't get creamed :)

--- 7 ---

Has cabin fever hit your house yet?  Yeah, here too.  Counting down the days till warmer weather comes our way.  Problem is, it could be tomorrow or it might not be for two months.  Ya just never know from one day to the next what the weather will be around here.  If you're out east, I hope your weather isn't too bad this weekend.  Have a safe and blessed weekend.

God Bless!
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