Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How I Helped My Son to Read Better :)

This is Mr 7 yo.  He is having a hard time getting that reading thing down.  He's getting there, slowly but surely.  Okay, maybe really S-L-O-W-L-Y.

 The other day, though, I think I inadvertently discovered something that helps.  
We were sitting down with our Little Angel Readers and I was mentally preparing myself for the day's lesson, calling upon my Guardian Angel for that extra ounce of patience.

I looked at him preparing as well.  I decided to lighten the mood a bit.  I told him I was going to get him ready to read.  I first massaged his brain...

Then I told him we needed to massage his eyes so that they were ready to see the right letters...

Then I massaged his mouth so that the right sounds would come out....
Then we sat down to read.  Funny thing was, he actually did better.  He got to a particularly hard word (n-e-x-t...you know, words with two consonants next to each other!) and he did it...he read the word all by himself. 

He no sooner said the word "next" when he looked at me in awe and said, "Hey, that really did work!"  Ah, one of those moments that make all the other days SOOO worth it.

Of course, now we have to make this a regular part of our phonics lesson.  Today we tried it again and guess what, it worked again!  Praise God!  If I have to do this every day, I will just so I can see his little face shine when he is done!

God Bless!


  1. What a wonderful discovery! Congratulations to you and your dear son :-) Do you suppose it will work for math?

    1. Marcia, I really do think it could work for any subject!!

  2. How fun!

    We've had moments like this. My favorite is the time one of our sons put on my reading glasses as magic glasses. Too funny. Yes, it worked for a while and yes, we took his perfect eyes to the eye doctor; but it was fun while it lasted! :-)

    Congratulations and good hope!

    1. It is funny how they latch on to things like that, even if it is only for the short term!

  3. That made me smile just reading that! I am relieved I am not the only Homeschool Mom that has older ones not able to read yet! My 8 yo has ADD and what a challenge! Some of the older kids started at age 8 and now can't put a book down! So perserverance and pray for me ! :)