Monday, February 18, 2013

Catholic Woman's Almanac

Moments of Gratitude:

* Being mostly back from the land of the dead.  It's always so good to feel human again after a bout of illness (this time the stomach flu).
* Amazon having Downton Abbey episodes to keep me busy while the family was away Friday night.  All caught up now :)
* Kids who can cook and keep the house running when mom is down.
* A God who is merciful.

Beauty in the Ordinary:

We had a quiet evening on Saturday with only some of the kids home so the boys, hubby and I played a game of "Sorry".  It was a fun game, no one cried or got upset.  It came down to the two boys for last place and they battled fiercely until the end, with Mr 12 yo losing by three squares :)  It is so much fun to watch the young minds work out a strategy in their head and then play it out (well, whatever strategy there is in a "Sorry" game, that is).

In the Kitchen:

Our kitchen during Lent has once again become a place of repetition.  We've decided on the following meals for the next six weeks:

Monday - chicken salad
Tuesday - soup and bread
Wednesday - No Peek beef stew
Thursday - pork stir fry
Friday - rice, corn and black beans mixed together
Saturday - turkey sloppy joes
Sunday - we allow variety!

I'm not a fan of repetition in much of anything, so this is always a challenge for me.  Usually by the end of Lent, no one wants to see any of these meals for quite some time.

The Week Ahead:

We have a wake to go to, school to do, and I have a photo shoot that I'm really looking forward to.  If it goes well, the picture will end up on the cover of a new book coming out!  Prayers would be appreciated!

Listening To:

Boys make Lego noises, girls catching up on the Downton Abbey episodes I watched on Friday.


Nothing.  My brain is not quite back up to pondering mode yet.


Prayers of thanksgiving for our friend who finally got a wonderful job after almost a year of unemployment!!  Praise the Lord!


 So once in awhile you have to try something different.  Sometimes it works and other times, like this one, it doesn't :)  This is a friend of ours playing her harp while my husband held a wind glass up in front of my camera.  But then, you could figure that out, couldn't you???

God Bless!


  1. A couple of years ago during Lent we ate oatmeal every morning, cooked a couple of different ways. My children cannot stand to eat oatmeal now. I look back and think, "Well, that kind of back-fired."

  2. hahaha Jenny. I know what you mean about the sick Laura!

  3. What a blessing to have children who can cook and keep the house going when you're down ! Some good training there LOL
    Praying you get your strength back soon +

  4. Oh it is a blessing to have children to keep the house running!

    Did you get to watch the season finale of Downton?

    1. Tina, we just watched it this afternoon (Tues) and we are in a rage :) It's just not right.