Monday, February 25, 2013

Catholic Woman's Almanac

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Moments of Gratitude:

* Having a good workout and realizing that I am getting stronger!
* Good company, conversation and laughs at two baby showers this weekend.
* Wise advice from friends with older children.
* Relatives who care enough to ask tough questions and lend support.

Beauty in the Ordinary:

Just being home for a quiet evening after having a very busy three days.  Sometimes those quiet evenings at home can become tedious and monotonous when they occur night after night, but when you've been running for a few days, they are a welcome respite.

In the Kitchen:

We're having to revamp our Lenten meals because after doing the grocery shopping for the past two weeks, I've realized that these meals actually increased our bill by a substantial amount.  Back to the drawing board for simple, healthy meals that don't break the bank.

The Week Ahead:

They are predicting another snow storm for the one day this week that we have four different things going on.  I wonder if it will materialize.  Other than that, we're looking forward to the first of our Lenten birthdays coming up at the end of the week.


What I'm sure many of you are:  Just where is the Lord going with this resignation thing?  I fully trust that the Holy Spirit is leading the way and am excited to see who our next Pope will be and just what the Lord has in store for Pope Benedict once he retires.  I'm sure we haven't heard the last from him (Pope Benedict that is, not the Lord...I KNOW we haven't heard the last from HIM!!).


For strength and grace to make some much needed changes. For my 7 year old nephew (and my sister-in-law :) who is in a full leg cast and wheelchair for the next month.


I've finally gotten into "Drinking From the Dry Well" and it is wonderful, just as I knew it would be.  I've read before that God has a usual way that He will speak to a person and the way He most often speaks to me is through a book.  This book is just what my soul needs right now.


God Bless!


  1. Oh my goodness, look at that baby! His hair looks like my oldest boy''s almost like down it's so soft and thin. When I cut it It's like it just dissipates into thin air.

  2. Fantastic Post.
    This is my first time actively reading.
    Oh - and it just so happens, I have a blog post scheduled tomorrow with budget friendly Lenten Meals.
    You might laugh to know I was only blessed with one child. But we are on a budget, and I catered the post to my friends who have 5+ children. Since I'm the "odd Catholic out" in the child department, I figure I can help!

    1. I will definitely check it out Emily!! Thanks.

  3. Good company and conversation really are such a blessing.
    I'm pondering along with you and trusting the HS re: Pope Benedict..
    I am really going to miss him. Blessings +

  4. I love a good workout! It helps me to stay focused and positive during the day.

  5. I'm missing quiet evenings myself :-) I do believe that we haven't the last from Pope Benedict XVI. God, in His goodness, will make sure that we will still benefit from the wisdom and magnanimity of his servant. That's a curious facial expression there, and you captured it, mom!

  6. I'm sure we haven't heard the last from him (Pope Benedict that is, not the Lord...I KNOW we haven't heard the last from HIM!!).

    You made me laugh with this one!

    And sweet little face...thank you for sharing!