Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Her Little Corner of the World

This is Ms 9 yo.  She is the youngest of the five girls.  She shares a bedroom with her other sisters.  She needed her own space, she said, so my youngest girl took it upon herself to carve out her own space in the house.

What I think is so funny about this is that she didn't pick a secluded spot somewhere in the deep recesses of the house (or basement for that matter).  She chose a small corner of bare floor right in the den, tucked away in between the couch, a table and a chair.

She moved in her bean bag and back rest, a small pillow and a small blanket to keep her comfy.  When she's sitting back there, you really can't see her because her head is below the arm of the couch, so I guess she is tucked away in her own little corner, just close enough, though, to feel safe :)

She also brought along one of her favorite pals - her tiny zebra called Zippy.  Here she made her a comfortable spot to sleep and play.  I love the striped chair made from a matchbox and that cool duct tape that comes in all kinds of different colors and designs.

Even her baby doll gets to join in the fun.  I love to see her being so maternal :)

At first I thought this phase would die quickly, but she's been set up here for over a month now and seems to really enjoy her little corner of the world, where she can be "alone" but still be a part of the family.

God Bless!