Sunday, July 21, 2013

7 Posts in 7 Days

I'm joining Jen over at Conversion Diary in her link up for next week:  7 posts in 7 days!  Sounds like fun.  Sounds like a challenge.  Sounds like something I can do because I was kind of already planning on doing it and just happened upon this this morning :).  Oh well, check back all week, Monday through next Sunday, for exciting and thought provoking posts!  I'm pretty sure I'll be posting about some thoughts from my silent retreat, so it's sure to be rich (or at least I'm hoping it will be!!).

To get you ready and in the mood, I'll leave you with this thought provoking picture.
I went to the car on Saturday and found this:

I had to really stop and think about why my shoes were so carefully placed in the car like that.  Took me a few minutes, but then I remembered.  But wait, maybe I shouldn't tell you why, because if I told you, then you would have nothing to think about.  So, if you're game and you have any ideas as to why my shoes would be left in the car like that, then feel free to drop me a comment.  Otherwise, I'll see you tomorrow!

God Bless!

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