Friday, July 26, 2013

7 Quick Takes July 26, 2013

Happy Feast of St. Joachim and St. Anne!

Aren't these the most beautiful flowers?  Ms 10 yo had a tea party for her birthday this past week and we asked all her friends to bring a flower for a friend bouquet and this is what one of the girls brought.

Absolutely lovely!


I'd like to direct your attention to the Life of Fred math pages on my website.  I am trying to sell off the rest of the stock I have on hand as I've decided not to order any more books because it just isn't cost effective for me to do so.  If you're looking to buy Life of Fred books for the upcoming school year, please consider purchasing them from me :)  Thanks!

I'm so excited that the IHM Chicago conference is this weekend.  More about that in Saturday's post (I mean really, I'm participating in the 7 posts in 7 days thing, so I need to save some fodder for day #6).  Friday night, however, some of my girls and I are heading up there to meet up with our favorite Catholic author and her hubby, Regina Doman.  We haven't seen them since about this time last year, so we're looking forward to seeing them again and catching up! (Not that I'm name dropping or anything.)


I still am having a dickens of a time trying to figure out our curriculum for this coming school year.  I know it is fast approaching, and I know this is why some people sign up with a provider so they don't have to make these decisions each year.  I, however, just can't do it.  I've thought about it every year, but when push comes to shove, I just can't do it.  My kids all learn different and I'm so particular that I feel like things go smoother when I can pick and choose my own stuff.  Hopefully the conference this weekend will help provide me with some direction.

Because we haven't been busy enough, next week begins our four day participation in Catholic Kids' Camp.  This is an awesome program developed and directed by three ambitious sisters (not Sisters, mind you) we know.  It's a totally Catholic VBS!  The kids absolutely love it, but it is four long days to be sure.

This week's weather has been absolutely gorgeous!  Sunny and in the 70s- low 80s during the day and into the 60s and even some upper 50s at night.  And it only makes sense that it's been gorgeous this week because they came and finally were able to fix our air conditioner!  We ran it Monday afternoon just to make sure it worked, but then turned it off and have been enjoying the coolness of the week instead.  Why does it always seem to work out that way?

Conference on Saturday, an informal wedding reception in the evening and not a thing but Mass on Sunday.  That's the way I like to end my weekends, especially when a busy week will be following!  Hope you have a safe and holy weekend.

God Bless! 
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