Friday, July 19, 2013

7 Quick Takes July 19, 2013

Hot.  I'm tempted to just type that seven times and call it quits.  I understand it's been hot all over the country and now I have even more compassion for people who have to suffer the heat and high humidity without the comfort of air conditioning.  I figure ours will get fixed next week when it's nice and cool out.  Well, at least the a/c guy won't almost pass out while fixing it like he did while working on it this week.  See, there's always a bright side to everything.
One drawback to having a big camera is that you can't just carry it with you everywhere you go.  If I had a camera with me this week I'd have taken a picture of how we kept cool on Tuesday afternoon.  We took Ms 10 yo to the mall to get her ears pierced and she was smiling ear to ear (at least she was after the pain wore off!).  So in this spot, picture a cute, black haired, dark eyed little girl with pretty white flower earrings on her ears.

Carrying on with that theme, in this spot I would have a picture of the cute little tea room that I took my mom to on Thursday for her birthday.  This place is SOOO cute and the food is awesome.  So here you can picture all these cute little tables with pretty flowers and little lamps and cute napkins and table cloths and elegant tea cups and delicious food and a smiling mom.

So much for getting to my to-do list this week.  It was the one week I had to stay home and get a bunch done, but even picking up my fork made me break out into a sweat.  I am so grateful that we have a stove in our basement so that we can cook in relative comfort.  If there wasn't mold in the basement, I might never come out of it!  Alright, that is it about the heat and our lack of a/c, I promise :)

Our big blue van is old, I think we're almost to 250, 000 miles but the thing is still getting us where we need to go.  The other day, however, it started doing this weird thing that had us all wondering what was going on.  I had hit a bump when all of the sudden the power locks started humming and going up and down and we couldn't grab them fast enough to keep them unlocked.  This went on for awhile and finally it stopped and we were able to get out of the car without fear of not being able to get back in.  Not sure what it was all about, but I hope it doesn't happen again!
I'm so glad we don't have any kind of TV.  We spent the afternoon at my mom's in the a/c with the TV on and what a bunch of time wasting junk.  The kids are always glued to it when we're somewhere with a TV because we never sit around and watch shows, but I am glad that this is not an option every day of the week.

Coming up next week:  News about Life of Fred Math books on my website and notes and thoughts from my silent retreat last week.  This weekend will hopefully be cooler and not too busy, thankfully!  Have a great weekend!

God Bless!
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